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We work with many school districts across the DFW area. You can take control of your retirement security by contributing directly to a 403(b) savings plan through payroll deductions. A 403(b) plan permits you to accumulate money on a highly tax-favored basis, to supplement teacher retirement or another retirement plan. Additionally, your 403(b) monies can follow you wherever you go. They can be transferred to other employer plans or into a traditional IRA.

Fixed and fixed indexed annuities are a smart way to save for retirement, given that they provide a guarantee of income, tax-deferral advantages and flexibility and control of retirement savings. We offer both traditional fixed and indexed annuities in the 403(b) market. Products may vary by withdrawal charge periods, crediting methods, and features. The guarantees provided by our fixed and fixed indexed annuities mean that our policy-owners have not lost a penny of their policy value due to downturns in the stock market. Our Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider offers additional value to the base policy. By purchasing and attaching it to your Annuity Policy, you can receive guaranteed lifetime income, have access to your money if your needs change and leave any remaining accumulated value to your heirs.

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